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OSU directory README
This directory contains selected OSU (DECthreads) server (v3.6 package) scripts and other resources (see copyright.txt), without source-code modification (except for minor HTML documentation and other configuration). These scripts are supported using WASD's DECnet scripting environment (see the Scripting Environment chapter on DECnet and OSU). Other information on OSU scripting may be obtained from

A proxy entry similar to the following is a minimum requirement.


When the server is configured to support OSU scripts the following provide a basis for testing and demonstration.

OSU (via DECnet)Description
TESTCGI.C Simple test of the OSU CGI environment.
Simple POST test of the OSU environment.
TESTFORM.HTML An OSU document testing SET_DCL_ENV.C and CGI-MAILTO.C (the latter requires specific configuration!)
TMAIL.HTML Another OSU document, demonstrating the use of TMAIL.C
HELPGATE This script provides access to VMS Help libraries, in a similar fashion to WASD's own Conan The Librarian. For this script to behave itself properly it really should own the "/help" path via a mapping rule!
WebBook WebBook is a Bookreader emulator similar to WASD's HyperReader (some of these may not work for local environment reasons).
PREPROC.HTMLX The OSU document demonstrating the use of OSU's SSI processor. Some paths have been modified for WASD's directory structure. The ACCESSES.PERMISSIONS (read this file) may need to be modified for this to work on any particular site.
PREPROC2.HTMLX Same as above, with the accesses disabled. (A minor correction, not modification, was needed to the source code for it to work at all  ;^)

Of course standard CGI scripts may also be transparently executed within the DECnet environment. Here is a sample ...

Process CGICGI via DECnet Description
[CGI_symbols] [CGI_symbols] Simple CGI environment test.
[conan] [conan] Conan The Librarian


[DIR]OBJ_AXP/13-Feb-2018 16:411,024subdirectory
[???]ACCESSES.DAT13-Feb-2018 16:410
[???]ACCESSES.PERMISSIONS13-Feb-2018 16:411,765
[TXT]ACCESS_DB.C13-Feb-2018 16:418,857C source
[TXT]ACCESS_DB.H13-Feb-2018 16:41541C header
[IMG]BOOK.XBM13-Feb-2018 16:41276X-bitmap
[TXT]BOOKFILE_FIGURE.C13-Feb-2018 16:4110,188C source
[TXT]BOOKFILE_FIGURE.H13-Feb-2018 16:41278C header
[TXT]BOOKFILE_INDEX.C13-Feb-2018 16:4110,268C source
[TXT]BOOKFILE_INDEX.H13-Feb-2018 16:41978C header
[TXT]BOOKFILE_IO.C13-Feb-2018 16:4112,565C source
[TXT]BOOKFILE_IO.H13-Feb-2018 16:411,286C header
[TXT]BOOKFILE_SECTION.C13-Feb-2018 16:4111,884C source
[TXT]BOOKFILE_SECTION.H13-Feb-2018 16:411,276C header
[TXT]BOOKFILE_TEXT.C13-Feb-2018 16:414,357C source
[TXT]BOOKFILE_TEXT.H13-Feb-2018 16:411,309C header
[TXT]BOOKREADER_RECDEF.H13-Feb-2018 16:417,785C header
[TXT]BUILD_OSU.COM13-Feb-2018 16:414,244DCL procedure
[TXT]CGI-MAILTO.C13-Feb-2018 16:4112,797C source
[TXT]CGI-MAILTO.H13-Feb-2018 16:41565C header
[TXT]CGILIB.C13-Feb-2018 16:4123,498C source
[TXT]CGILIB.H13-Feb-2018 16:41863C header
[TXT]CGIWASD.COM13-Feb-2018 16:411,827DCL procedure
[TXT]CGI_SYMBOLS.C13-Feb-2018 16:4111,537C source
[TXT]COPYRIGHT.TXT13-Feb-2018 16:41424plain text
[TXT]DCL_ENV_RM.COM13-Feb-2018 16:412,083DCL procedure
[TXT]HELPGATE.COM13-Feb-2018 16:413,590DCL procedure
[TXT]HTML_PREPROC.C13-Feb-2018 16:4152,265C source
[TXT]HTML_PREPROC.COM13-Feb-2018 16:41819DCL procedure
[TXT]LBRIO.C13-Feb-2018 16:418,025C source
[TXT]LBRIO.H13-Feb-2018 16:41873C header
[htm]PREPROC.HTMLX13-Feb-2018 16:415,758OSU SSI HTML
[???]PREPROC.HTMLX$16-Feb-2019 11:114
[???]PREPROC.INC13-Feb-2018 16:4154
[htm]PREPROC2.HTMLX13-Feb-2018 16:415,795OSU SSI HTML
[HTM]README.HTML13-Feb-2018 16:413,809"OSU directory README"
[TXT]SCRIPTLIB.C13-Feb-2018 16:4113,008C source
[TXT]SCRIPTLIB.H13-Feb-2018 16:41523C header
[TXT]SET_DCL_ENV.C13-Feb-2018 16:4131,013C source
[IMG]SHELF.XBM13-Feb-2018 16:41279X-bitmap
[TXT]TESTCGI.C13-Feb-2018 16:41437C source
[TXT]TESTFORM.C13-Feb-2018 16:411,045C source
[HTM]TESTFORM.HTML13-Feb-2018 16:411,745"Fill out forms example"
[TXT]TMAIL.C13-Feb-2018 16:4121,609C source
[HTM]TMAIL.HTML13-Feb-2018 16:415,426"Tmail demo"
[???]TMAIL.TMAIL13-Feb-2018 16:41422
[TXT]VMSHELPGATE.C13-Feb-2018 16:4128,372C source
[TXT]WEBBOOK.C13-Feb-2018 16:4123,992C source
[TXT]WEBBOOK_AXP.OPT13-Feb-2018 16:41203VMS linker options
[TXT]WEBBOOK_IA64.OPT13-Feb-2018 16:41212VMS linker options
[TXT]WEBBOOK_SHELF.C13-Feb-2018 16:4112,951C source
[TXT]WEBBOOK_VAX.OPT13-Feb-2018 16:41203VMS linker options
[TXT]WWWEXEC.COM13-Feb-2018 16:4111,883DCL procedure
[TXT]WWWEXEC_V9.COM13-Feb-2018 16:4111,538DCL procedure